25 janeiro, 2009

Laugh & Bang

O Laughbanging recomenda:

M.O.D. - U.S.A. for M.O.D.

1.Aren't You Hungry
2.Get A Real Job
3.I Executioner
4.Don't Feed The Bears
5.Ballad Of Dio
6.Thrash Or Be Thrashed
7.Let Me Out
8.Bubble Butt
9.You're Beat
11.Man Of Your Dreams
12.That Noise
13.Dead Man/Most/Captain Crunch
14.Jim Gordon
15.Imported Society
16.Spandex Enormity
17.Short But Sweet
19.Confusion/You're X'ed
21.Ruptured Nuptuals
22.Ode To Harry
23.Hate Tank