05 fevereiro, 2009

Laugh & Bang

O Laughbanging recomenda:

Intense Mutilation - Safe sex

1.Safe Sex
4.Vacuam Cleaner Love (The Hoover Manoeuvre)
5.P.T.L.- Part Thy Legs
6.Shit Stains
7.Just Say No
8.In Tenths Mutilation
9.Cunnilingus With A Razor
10.Blowin' In The Wind
11.A Short Burst Of Noise
12.Addicted To Crack
13.Duck Fuck
15.Mr. Chamber's Testicles
16.Chew Me, Chew Me
17.Eat Shit And Prosper
18.Horizontal Butter Churning
19.The ABC Song
20.Rent A Placenta
21.You Can Fuck Your Fetus And Eat It Too
22.Just Say No (Reprise)
23.Afterbirth Casserole
24.Saran Rap
25.Fuck You